Is Jesus still condemned?


I know it sounds like a strange question. We’re going somewhere with it! No one would answer, “Yes!” Of course Jesus is no longer condemned, but He once was wasn’t He? He certainly was. 2 Cor 5:21 says that Jesus BECAME sin. His BECOMING sin is what brought His condemnation. He was condemned because He became sin. We understand that, right?

So why is Jesus no longer condemned? Or, in other words, why is Jesus longer sin? Is it because He asked the Father to forgive Him of the sin He had become? Nope! Is it because Jesus attended church/mass, became very sorry for becoming sin and gained forgiveness from sin? Nope!

Jesus is no longer condemned and no longer sin because HE DIED to sin. Once He became sin, the only way for Him to be free from sin was to die to sin and that’s what He did on the cross. The death He died, He died to sin once and for all! So now because of His death to sin and His subsequent resurrection to life, Jesus is no longer condemned and no longer joined to sin in any way! Pretty cool Huh!

But here’s the part we don’t really grasp all that well and are slow to believe. When we trust Jesus as our Savior, the Apostles taught that we died WITH HIM, we were buried WITH HIM, and we were raised to new life WITH HIM. Why is that such a big deal? Because our death, burial, and resurrection WITH HIM is the only thing that frees us from the condemnation we were under because of our union with sin.

It is only through death that we escape our condemnation because of sin. It isn’t through our sorrow, our daily confession or any other religious activity. There’s no problem with being sorry we sin or even talking to Dad about sin, but nothing frees us from the guilt and condemnation of sin other than dying to it.

The good news is that if you believe Jesus, you have been placed into His death and the very death He died to free Him from the condemnation of sin and union with sin He had become on the cross is the very same death we died freeing us from our union to sin and the condemnation of it.

So, is Jesus still condemned? Of course not! Why not, because He died to sin! So, are you still condemned? Of course now! Why not, because you died to sin WITH HIM! However condemned Jesus is is how condemned you are now in Him! Wouldn’t you call that “Good News?” I sure do!

“There is now therefore NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1


Is Jesus still condemned?

Are MRI Machines Evil?


Who would say that an MRI machine is evil? I’m not sure anyone would! However, what would happen if you put a war veteran who has shrapnel all throughout their body under that MRI machine? Has the MRI machine become evil? NO. It is good. But it arouses the metal living in the body of the veteran causing great pain, great harm, and even death. The best advice that war vet would receive is “under no circumstance place yourself under an MRI machine…not because the MRI machine is bad, but because the metal in your body is aroused by the machine and will hurt you.”

So it is with the Law. It is good, holy, and righteous. However, like the MRI and metal, the Law arouses Sin that lives in the body. This is good in one sense–to reveal there is some foreign parasite, Sin, in the body that has enslaved the unregenerate heart, but it is bad in another sense because it empowers Sin to become exceedingly sinful. A sinner can place him/herself under the Law in hopes that it “pulls Sin out” but it won’t. It can’t. It only empowers Sin to show you it’s there.

Who then can deliver me from this slavery to Sin? Thanks be to God for it is through Jesus that I am free. For I wanted freedom from Sin before, but found none in the Law. I now have found what I truly needed–not for Sin to die, but for me to die to Sin with Christ. There is now therefore no condemnation for me any longer because I am now in Christ Himself and He is in me! The greatest advise that I could now be given is, “under no circumstances place yourself under the Law…not because the Law is bad, but because Sin in your mortal body is aroused by the Law and will hurt you, here on earth, every single time.”

– Romans 7

Are MRI Machines Evil?

The Eclipse and Jesus!

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The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

We, in North America, have a special treat today as we get to see the moon cover the sun. Do you find it peculiar that, from our perspective here on earth, the moon and the sun are the same size? They aren’t the same size of course! According to, the sun is actually 400 times larger than our moon.  To bring that into clarity, if the moon was a 6′ tall man, the sun would be a 1/2 mile tall man!

So how in the world do the sun and the moon appear to be the same size from here on earth. Well, it’s because the sun is 400 times further away from the earth as the moon is! Even though the moon is so much smaller, it appears the same size as the sun because it’s so much closer than the sun. If you hold your thumb up, you can cover the moon with you thumb because, even though your thumb is so much smaller, it’s so much closer to your eye. Same concept.

So what does this mean? What could this possibly have to do with Jesus? I want you to consider the truth of Ps. 19:1. The heavens declare the glory of God! As we gaze into the heavens, we can learn who God truly is. Paul said in Romans that the creation reveals the Creator. So as we look at the heavens, and specifically today, as we look at the eclipse, let us ask the question, “In what ways does this amazing event, that the entire country is tuned into, declare the glory of God?”

Well, here are my thoughts. God himself, like the sun, is big–really big!  The sun could be a picture, a shadow, of God himself. In other words, God created the sun to show us something about Himself! The sun is far away from earth. Similarly because of sin, God and man were far away from each other. However, God had a plan. God had a plan to come near to humanity by becoming a man for us. Philippians 2 speaks of how Jesus, God the Son, set aside His glory to become a human, taking on the very form of a servant. In other words, God, who was far off, came near in the person of Jesus Christ when Jesus put on something very very small–humanity.

As you stare at the eclipse today, I want you to consider the fact that the eclipse itself is declaring a reality.  God (represented by the sun), has been covered and clothed in something so much smaller and “lesser”–humanity (represented by the moon). However, from our perspective on earth, the deity of Jesus (the sun) and the humanity of Jesus (the moon) are the same! Is not Jesus 100% God and 100% human?

If this is the case, then today as you stare into the heavens and see something tiny envelop something so huge, you can remember the love of God towards you when He, so huge, enveloped Himself in something so tiny, humanity, so that He could take away the sins of the world. Let us look into the heavens and worship the God who became like us–sinful, so that we could become like Him–holy!

If you’d like to hear more about this, you can listen to the opening of my message from yesterday at Life Journey Church. Click here to listen to the message from 8/20/17.

The Eclipse and Jesus!