Are MRI Machines Evil?


Who would say that an MRI machine is evil? I’m not sure anyone would! However, what would happen if you put a war veteran who has shrapnel all throughout their body under that MRI machine? Has the MRI machine become evil? NO. It is good. But it arouses the metal living in the body of the veteran causing great pain, great harm, and even death. The best advice that war vet would receive is “under no circumstance place yourself under an MRI machine…not because the MRI machine is bad, but because the metal in your body is aroused by the machine and will hurt you.”

So it is with the Law. It is good, holy, and righteous. However, like the MRI and metal, the Law arouses Sin that lives in the body. This is good in one sense–to reveal there is some foreign parasite, Sin, in the body that has enslaved the unregenerate heart, but it is bad in another sense because it empowers Sin to become exceedingly sinful. A sinner can place him/herself under the Law in hopes that it “pulls Sin out” but it won’t. It can’t. It only empowers Sin to show you it’s there.

Who then can deliver me from this slavery to Sin? Thanks be to God for it is through Jesus that I am free. For I wanted freedom from Sin before, but found none in the Law. I now have found what I truly needed–not for Sin to die, but for me to die to Sin with Christ. There is now therefore no condemnation for me any longer because I am now in Christ Himself and He is in me! The greatest advise that I could now be given is, “under no circumstances place yourself under the Law…not because the Law is bad, but because Sin in your mortal body is aroused by the Law and will hurt you, here on earth, every single time.”

– Romans 7

Are MRI Machines Evil?